344 Bowery


Ozone 344 Bowery Project

The New York space “344 Bowery” was designed by the architect Thomas Pheasant in collaboration with Par Excellence craftsmen.

Ozone, partner of the French collective since 20127, illuminated the central disc of the dome. The pale gold Gélule sconces and the carefully placed Diamant and Marienbad spotlights produce light accents on the surfaces chosen by the designer.

344 Bowery Ozone
344 Bowery Gélule sconce Ozone
Ozone 344 Bowery project

Products used
for the project


Diamant Ceiling Light

Marienbad S wall and ceiling spot designed by Gounot & Jähnke for Ozone.

Marienbad S Ceiling Light

Spot Marienbad S20 designed by Gounot & Jähnke for Ozone.

Marienbad S20 Ceiling Light

Joseph Dirand Sconce Gélule Ozone

Gélule Sconce

Table lamp Quartz designed by Saint Louis in our partnership project, for Ozone

Saint Louis

Collection Quartz Vibration and Matrice