Neuflize OBC

Our Untitled A sconces illuminate the private bank lounges of Neuflize OBC headquarters in Paris, France.

The bank has moved its Paris headquarters to a new building on Boulevard Haussmann. Our Untitled A sconces shine in the private bank lounges and the meeting room.

gounot Jähnke ozone
designed by

Gounot & Jähnke

First and foremost, Ozone is the story of a friendship. Etienne Gounot and Eric Jähnke were just 25 when they met, and few years later they founded Ozone in 2000. Combining magic, architecture and technology, light was their inspiration. Since then, the two founders have specialized in lighting design, composing a bold geometry that is sometimes classic, modernist or minimal. To reach the highest quality they aimed at, the two designers established their own workshop in Paris, developing a specific savoir-faire. Ten years ago they opened their workshop to several collaborations with renowned architects and designers, in order to create an exceptional lighting collection.

Products used
for the project

Sconce Untitled A designed by Gounot & Jähnke for Ozone.

Untitled A Sconce

Maison de la Radio

SRA Architectes renovated the Maison de la Radio in Paris’s 16th arrondissement.